Our Team

GDB Investments was established by Jo Baker, a highly experienced and knowledgeable real estate entrepreneur, who led numerous residential and commercial projects worldwide to high-yield financial success. Mr. Baker founded the company to bridge the gaps in the real estate market and to make the international real estate market accessible to foreign investors.

GDB Investments' consulting team, comprised from real estate and investment professionals stands in the core of the company’s long-lasting success.

Offering tailor-made advisory services, ranging from portfolio planning to real estate transaction management, the team helps investors meet their investment goals and substantially leverage their capital. From market analysts, portfolio managers and investment strategists, to financing professionals, legal consultants and tax experts.

From risk management analysts, financial consultants and due diligence experts to real estate actuaries, real estate agents and project managers. All are united to exceed our clients' expectations and bring high-yield ROIs across investments and geographies.

Our Services

GDB Investments provides ultra-high net worth investors, from both the private and business sectors, with access to high-yield investment opportunities across the fields of premium residential and commercial real estate.

As part our 360° service approach, we leave nothing to chance, and closely guide our investors across all stages of investment cycle from planning to finalization:

Market research and analysis

Investments sourcing and screening

Portfolio planning and management

Real estate assessment Real estate projects feasibility analysis

Investment policy and strategy structuring

Financial and tax consulting

Land assessment services

Real estate projects budget planning